About Henry Wines

Henry's Hut is a Popular Spot on Vail Mountain where you just might find Henry, ready to greet visitors.

Henry's Hut is a Popular Spot on Vail Mountain where you just might find Henry, ready to greet visitors.


Friends for 30 years, founders Chris “Mongo” Reeder and Michael Kang share a passion for mountain life, good causes and of course – Henry, Vail Ski Patrol’s first Avalanche Rescue Dog.

As the Assistant Director of Vail Ski Patrol, Mongo raised and trained Henry since he was a puppy. Affectionately known as the “Dogfather” of the Vail Avalanche Rescue Dog Program, Henry is beloved and known by visitors from around the world. 


Henry Wines Was Born Out of an Idea To Support a Cause.

Like any great idea, the decision to create Henry Wines came, well, after drinking a few glasses of wine! Attending a Thanksgiving Holiday Party wearing his “Henry the Dogfather” t-shift, a friend of Mongo’s brought over some wine bottles with novelty labels to celebrate. Noticing Mongo’s t-shirt, someone commented: “Hey, wouldn’t that t-shirt make a great wine label?”

More than Just a Wine Label.

After selling out of cases with just a Henry novelty label printed on red wine, Mongo and Mike came together around the idea of producing a premier wine that not only tasted great, but also supported a good cause – the training of Avalanche Rescue dogs. The two then sought out an old friend of Mike’s who was a wine producer to float the idea of creating their own wine for sale.  Spencer Stegenga of Bowers Harbor Vineyards, a dog and wine lover of his own, was thrilled with the idea and jumped on board.

If You Love Henry, You’ll Love this Wine.

Henry Red Table Wines is a supreme full-bodied red wine created from a blend of Bowers Harbor Vineyard’s own grapes grown in Michigan with grapes grown in Lake County, California. The wine is comprised of 30% Cabernet Franc, 30% Tempranillo, 30% Syrah & 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. By aging this wine in French Oak barrels, we enhanced the beautiful fruit flavors, without over oaking the wine. We broke some traditional winemaking “rules” by blending Tempranillo and Syrah with two Bordeaux Varietals. In tasting our blend trials, we felt this particular blend would taste delicious to sophisticated palates, as well as taste fruit forward and approachable to newer wine drinkers.

In the spirit of Henry and all fun-loving dogs, we wanted to have fun making this wine with friends and drinking this wine with friends.

And the best part about drinking Henry’s wine? You'll be supporting a good cause. A portion of the proceeds from Henry Wines supports the raising and training of Avalanche Rescue Dogs just like Henry. Knowing that something you’re enjoying today can help a life tomorrow, just feels good. So, grab a bottle today and start drinking!

Henry Wines currently ships to the following states: CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MONC, OH, TX, WI

Be on the Lookout for Henry’s Chardonnay and Henry’s Cider in the future.